Between Here & There

@ Pulchri Studio

May 15th – June 6th

Lange Voorhout 15, 2514 EA Den Haag

Opening May 15th @ 17:00

Performances Scheduled for Saturday 29th May,

14:00 – 15:00 in Mesdaqzaal.

Gökay & Alexander with Special guests,

The Merle Trio.

“The Merle Trio was founded in September 2020 and consists of Diamanto Katerina (mezzo soprano), Jieun Kim (viola) and Katherine Teng (piano). All the members are currently studying at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague and the trio has been coached by Noa Frenkel. In February, Merle Trio had the first regular concert in Barth Chapel which was streamed around the world. The Merle Trio has a natural love for the standard trio repertoire, from the Romantic period to works from the 20th century.”

Performances Scheduled for Saturday 5th June

Gökay & Alexander with Special guests.

15:00 – 17:00 in Mesdaqzaal.

More info soon.

Born in Istanbul, Gökay Atabek (TU) is a media artist and musician. He is a member of the enigmatic VØlksamt! Collectively and over the years broke no less than 4 ribs during numerous performances.

Harold de Bree  (NL) The electronic circuit board works serie: titled ‘Atmospherical Disturbances 1-13’ Copper as a conductive metal on which ‘codes’ are splashed and painted, even scratched, on which the changing light brings a kind of sinister visible noise. Codes disguised as neat abstract paintings. Dark abstract landscapes, underwater worlds. The resonance of electronics in the atmosphere. The ominous feeling one gets looking at them. The sounds of coded messages, send by numbers stations, the meaning long gone, if there was any.

The kinetic sculptures of Pim Kerssemakers (NL) have often been created intuitively. Movement is an important part of the story of the work. This is the result of a playful investigation of movements and the effect they can have on different objects.

Oliver Labs (DE) is a mathematician and artist. His works are not only related to mathematics, but their shapes are even determined by mathematical formulas. Oliver’s main creative process usually begins on a piece of paper, followed by a long period of time in front of a computer to figure out the details of the formula he wants to use. The final artwork is usually created by high-quality machines using laser technology or 3D printers. 

The primary motivation for Alexander Zaklynsky’s (US, IS) creative process lies in breaking through the two- and three-dimensional fields of traditional art to a fourth dimension. The goal is to provide these fields with aesthetic resonance. Expression, abstraction, representation and spatiality come together in his work through meditative explorations of perspective, color and structure.

This exhibition was realized with thanks to Stroom Den Haag.